We are working to stop the destruction of our native forests for paper pulp

We are working to stop the destruction of our native forests for paper pulp

We support ethical paper.

Our company has made a commitment not to use Reflex paper.

Reflex paper is made from our very own native forests and this causes unnecessary impacts on our climate, water and wildlife.
Australian Paper, maker of Reflex, is the largest domestic purchaser of pulplogs from Victoria’s native forests.

These native forests are some of the most carbon dense forests on Earth. Logging and post-logging burning releases enormous amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Protecting Victoria’s forests – both existing old growth forests and allowing previously degraded forests to restore their lost carbon – is a crucial component in the fight against climate change.

The native forests that Australian Paper currently sources its wood from are home to many threatened species. Victoria’s faunal emblem, the Leadbeater’s Possum, is at risk from ongoing logging. Logging fragments and destroys habitat. The tragic 2009 fires burned almost 50% of the Leadbeater’s Possum habitat and despite calls for change by leading scientific experts, Australian Paper continues to source wood from these forests. Populations of other threatened species have plummeted in recent years. The Baw Baw frog, the Sooty Owl, the Barred Galaxias (a little known native fish) are all impacted by logging operations.

Sadly, logging also occurs within Victoria’s precious water catchments. These catchments are natural water factories for both city and rural communities. Logging reduces both the quality and quantity of water. We all do our bit to save water but Reflex’s ongoing sourcing of wood from Victoria’s water catchments has a significant impact on the viability of future supplies of our drinking water. We encourage you and your organisation to take the pledge and support our environment into the future.

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