When things get difficult I sometimes make the mistake of waiting for magic to happen. And there is nothing wrong with that except that if you are waiting for anything and not getting on with it then you are essentially stuck.

It’s been a constant conudrum for me throughout my life even when I was very small. When things went to total cack it would sometimes completely immobilise me. But there I was, frozen, waiting for the magic to happen.

But over the years I have learnt that for magic to happen in our lives we need to be living them. We need to move out of the anxiety and pressure and keep going. It’s important to keep everything, including the mundane, happening.

I forget sometimes and I go to my childish knowings; maybe it’s safer there because you can forget all the adult things you know and what they really look like when bad goes to worse. So I’m embracing my inner and outer adult and I’m going to keep myself moving because magic likes industry and it likes to be less obvious than most other things. It tends to be attracted to the harmony of a life continued, of small exchanges, rituals of the everyday and movement of the psyche.

Things are difficult at the moment and I am working hard to move through that. The magic will come because, funnily enough, it always does.  But like a shy admirer I have to allow it come to me and I know it will.

Have a wonderful day.