This year has seen the development of a long awaited desire to write, publish and create while also seeking to put a little bit of magic back into the world all through my new venture, OtherlyGoods. 

Now in its infancy, OtherlyGoods, is live with the Blog and the shop is due to start trading with the release of my the first journally product, The Wish Manifesto, which can be ordered here or from any bookshop WORLDWIDE.

The brand, inspired by my ever faithful pet rabbit, Twichie, hand drawn by me then stylised by friend and design genius, Alec Law. It was a natural choice for a mark which represented what I was trying to communicate.  Anyone who knows me knows that my small white and ginger rabbit is my familiar.

I encourage you to check out the page and keep an eye out in the coming months for more journals and books, as well as other pieces of magic, within the  store.