social control


Further to my post on May 2nd, ‘Governments Lacking Social Nuance‘  about how the Federal Government and Victorian Government, both Liberal,  are trying to control comment across social media in Australia, I have since found these two gems, which I wanted to share.

Today, this article from the The Guardian, stating that the NSW Liberals are trying to minimise comment across social in order to contain the fallout from ICAC. Even David Flint has come out to say  “NSW party regulations banning members from making any comments without “pre-authorisation” were clearly contrary to the party’s professed belief in freedom of speech“. I am wondering how these Liberal members and supporters are feeling about this very public gag order?


And this, when we are apparently  in a ‘budget emergency’ it seems there are funds to create megaphones and trolls across twitter, thanks to an ample budget, in order to silence the discourse surrounding the Federal Government’s policies and pre-election promise failures.



Gagging on social? Gagging people within the party? It’s never been a good look for any political party. The thing ends up like a sieve.  I watch this space with interest.  As they say on Twitter, bring on the popcorn.