20th May 2018

Inspired by a concept by Derek Sivers, the Now page serves to share what I’m up to and where I’m going.

2018 has started with a huge push to realign myself with the career I want to pursue in the second half of my life.  This has meant investing more time into my creative side – the writing, the art, the public speaking.  At nearly 49, I am seeking to work less in corporate life and more within the realm which nourishes humanity and enables us to sit more comfortably in our lives.

Those who know me realise I have quite strong views on the systems of work and control, and how these tie us up and keep us chained to finding the money through limited sources.  In light of this, I am diversifying how I work and earn and sharing that process with others.

My venture OtherlyGoods, which seeks to bring a little more magic into the world, is slowly getting started.  This has taken a lot longer than I had envisaged thanks to some production issues with my first journal, The Wish Manifesto.  These issues have been resolved and I am about to take delivery of the first copies which will be available on the website as of June, 2018.

I continue to write for  SheSociety to foster the practice of writing but am quietly pulling together another couple of journals and even have a book in progress, which I really need to just finish.

Corporate work sees me back in the realms of books and arts thanks to some consulting work at the University of Melbourne.  I love this place.  It’s a transition zone from school to work and there you can still see people free of the burden of an employer, not under the duress of unpaid overtime or the realisation that they may have missed their calling.  There is also some strategy work for a new underwater snorkelling art installation but more about that later.

Our wine label, Alkimi, continues to do well and now has national Australian distribution as well as distribution in Singapore.  Next stop London.  Or the US, which ever comes first.

2018 is the year of putting in the hard yards for weeding out the old and cultivating the new.  Leaving behind the dirge of old thinking and tired ways of working.

Oh and I am getting another rabbit hopefully this month so as our beloved little Netherlands Dwarf, Twitchie, has a friend for life.  And one more rabbit can find it’s forever home.

Want to share something?  Drop me a line.