1st December 2018

Inspired by a concept by Derek Sivers, the Now page serves to share what I’m up to and where I’m going.

Jeepers – 25 days until Christmas!  I’ve been literally back to the drawing board creating my range of Christmas gift tags and cards which are super cute and quirky.  And my newly released range of tea towels, which I am looking to expand in the coming months have already been very well received.  These are available for wholesale as well as retail through my Etsy Shop.

It’s a massive step to move away from something which has been your bread and butter for 25 years but as I transition out of my corporate communications business, I am buoyed by the amount of encouragement and support of friends and family, and complete strangers, who provide engagement on my social channels as well as BUY my stuff!  And that feeling when someone wants to purchase something of yours is totally fulfilling for any artist or creative.  So thank you!

There’s not too much to add besides the fact that I will be happy to say goodbye to 2018.  It’s been tough on a number of levels.  And as I keep saying, you need to find your tribe if you have any chance of being happy in this world.  Move away from the naysayers, the nasties and the energy vampires. As long as they hold your focus you aren’t diving deep into your life’s purpose.

Until the next update – keep smiling!