9th October 2018

Inspired by a concept by Derek Sivers, the Now page serves to share what I’m up to and where I’m going.

Wow, what a year 2018 is turning out to be.  Our annual break in Fiji with family has once again turned things on its head, realigning the real balances with work, passions and long term goals.  And coming back into the beautiful surrounds of my township in the Yarra Valley, the vibe of the holiday remained with me and pushed through a couple of important realities.

Corporate life isn’t for me.  Big business, government and the complexities which make any real change an illusion is something I no longer want to waste my time in.  Instead, my love of problem solving, bringing out a great result and making change will be undertaken with smaller players all doing important work within their fields.  And funnily enough these people all seem to be working with the ocean in some way, shape or form.  I kid you not.

I’ve decided to stop pushing my writing and put it completely to one side.  The book I have always wanted to write actually doesn’t need to be written and I’m going to stop trying.  And that is the most liberating thing I’ve felt for a long while.

As they say in writing circles, you need to kill your babies, so a couple of projects, which were once front and centre, have been deleted, left behind, allowed to die.  Again, feels great.

My energy has now gone nearly 100% into my designing – which is not without challenge – but it’s filled my body with a pulse that has long been missing. Watch this space.  In the meantime you can follow my creative wiles here @libbyfordham.creative.

Our wine label, Alkimi, continues to do well and growth is in the wings in next 12 months with two new varietals being undertaken in vintage 2019.

And we got a friend for our rabbit, Twitchie.  Panda joined us in May and has settled into her furever home as a wonderful and very cute companion for Twitch.  You can follow them on instagram @twitchiepandagram.