Support for your Work and your Performance

Our work lives continue to get busier and busier.  More is asked of us while we often given less time to deliver. Sometimes this lack of space doesn’t allow us to gain the insights we need to excel and innovate in our roles or within our lives.

This is why I have introduced a service which works directly with those working in communications, corporate relations, digital media or stakeholder engagement.

It’s about working with you and supporting you while also having a grasp of the type of work you do and types of things you are expected to produce.

The approach supports you to solve your own challenges and learn from the experience.  With over 23 years experience across the communications spectrum, and with an uncanny ability to go the core of the matter, I will help you make simple the things that seem difficult.

Communications Coaching with Libby Fordham

The service offers different things to different people and is as flexible as you need it to be to directly suit your needs.

Maybe you want to:

  • Have a piece of work peer reviewed before it goes to the leadership group
  • Look at implementing change within your organisation and need support to design and deliver the process
  • Introduce news ways to deliver innovation but don’t know where to start
  • Develop a more strategic approach to your thinking and how you deliver your campaigns
  • Simplify your processes but don’t know where to start
  • Boost your confidence or simply learn to communicate better with your colleagues or staff
  • Have the support of someone who understands your work and your role to help you reach your potential
  • Support the new intern on your team but don’t have time to do it yourself
  • Regaining motivation for your craft
  • Growing your knowledge and/or your network
  • Change jobs but aren’t sure of the best fit for your skills
  • Jump ship and start your own freelance business

Or maybe there’s something specific you need assistance with which isn’t listed here.  I would enjoy the conversation to see if we could work together.

Working together

How we work together can be designed around your timeframes, your requirements and your agenda.

Basic Coaching Package – Monthly AUD$1200.00

  • One 1/2 hour introduction call – Establishing a basis for what we will cover in our work together
  • Three, one-hour skype calls per month
  • Unlimited email exchanges
  • Worksheets and exercises supplied where required and relevant

Pep-Talk Scheduling

Want a quick boost within your busy schedule?  This may be more your speed

Minimum 1 hour session – AUD$195.00

1 1/2 hours AUD$275.00

Peer Review of Work – quoted on receipt of brief

This will be quoted upfront dependent on the nature of the work and the depth of the work.  This can include anything from a strategy paper review to a stakeholder engagement plan, a re-structure or a board paper.

Scheduling Times

I am based in Melbourne, Australia.  Sessions will be scheduled to suit both parties in reasonable time slots so that both of us can get the most from the session.

To find out more and discuss your needs, please email me here