Boy, the world seems like such an inhumane place at the moment. Besides the planes being shot from the sky, people sick from Ebola and children dying in war, there are the less heard stories of families struggling to keep food on the table, others battling ill-health, violence, mental illness and just plain old fatigue.

It makes you want to hide.

Once, when my main bread and butter as a job was anchored in traditional media relations, in a time when there was not a 24 hour news cycle, I used to have to really follow the news. Nowadays I turn it off.

I find what I need to find in my social feeds although increasing they are featuring more blood and gore.  Sometimes it’s just better to stop reading and watching it,  and get out an contribute to something which can make change.

You know, start living. That thing.

You don’t have to climb a mountain. You don’t have to take that aid mission to Africa. You don’t even have to volunteer at the local soup kitchen if that is all too much for you. (But it would helpful to many)

You can start by being nice to someone. Yes, this is your reminder.

Ask someone if they are ok, need a cup of tea or assistance with the printer.

Tell them you like their art, their tie, their hair, the way they run a meeting.

Even if you’re bad at it, tell a joke, share a photograph, pick a flower, say that it’s a pleasure to know you.

Share your lunch, help them carry their heavy books, say it’s gonna be alright.

Listen to every word, make up the last few cents to pay for something, take a chance on someone or send someone an email to say thanks, like so many of you brilliant people did when I wrote my ‘5am’ article. You seriously made by day, my week and probably by month. And how simple was it for you to do it.  The impact was immense.

Smile at someone.

I’ve often joked that the reason they made a thing called work is because it puts us together with others so we could learn about ourselves and the nature of us humans.

The world doesn’t need another bad story nor a cross word between people.

It doesn’t need more investment into money, wars, power-struggles or one-upmanship.

It needs investment into people. It is the only commodity worth pursuing. Put it on your daily watch list.