Libby Fordham - writer and communicator

Writer, communicator, creative –  Libby Fordham commenced working for herself at the age of 23, opting for a portfolio career which spoke to her talents as well as her interests. It also removed her from the routine of the grind, something she believes she’s had an aversion to since birth.

Now at 49,  she combines her corporate strategy/communications work with her other much more creative pursuits of art, writing and teaching.

She has worked for over twenty years both in Australia and internationally in corporate communications, engaged by Government, business, community and the not-for-profit sectors in areas of transport, infrastructure, sustainability, major events, health, policy delivery and lifestyle among other things. Libby’s experience has seen her work alongside Prime Ministers, Federal Ministers, famous oracles, community leaders and the people on the street, whose messages are often the most important.

She has lectured and delivered masterclasses in social media and corporate communications for both business and educational institutions, including the University of Melbourne, and run smaller community-based workshops to support small business. She has been a television panellist, a book reviewer and speechwriter and has written a column for the online women’s magazine, SheSociety.

More recently, Libby has applied her knowledge and love of art and design to develop a secondary side to her business developing a range of products for retail sale.  These are usually bespoke commissions based on a client brief and produced using a range of techniques and mediums.

Her art explores modernism, urban landscapes, secret languages and tiny worlds through watercolour, pen, paper and sculpture.  She also works in cloth, sewn items, textiles and yarn.

Libby is living the dream in the Yarra Valley with her winemaking partner, Stuart, her two children and two pet rabbits.

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