31st March 2017

Inspired by a concept by Derek Sivers, the Now page serves to share what I’m up to and where I’m going.

My work in corporate communications continues but I am working very hard to transition into my art and writing books through journaling (yes, I work unconventionally to get my thoughts down, letting my muse dowse me with ideas which are handwritten in notebooks and complied as they flow out of me).  High on my agenda is making the creativity central to my workday.  My unique ability in strategy and communication is something I am very proud of but it’s time to move to my new incarnation.  This has already started with my new column with SheBrisbane.

My interests are still very anchored in how we spend our time, what we invest in throughout our lives and why so many women can’t realise their own potential, power or strength.  Sometimes I think that all we need is for someone to really spur us on instead of bringing us down.

I’ve rediscovered my love of books – physically holding them, snuggling in bed with the side light on in the early hours of the day, drowning in the words and imaginings.  This immersion in ideas has stirred possibility, broadened the mind and created a well of a new type of happiness.

I’m reading ‘The War of Art’ – by Steven Pressfield.  It’s to the point and you cannot escape its honesty.  It provides a great psychic nudge even if you don’t see yourself as an artist, writer or creative.  It will make you look deeper into yourself and wake you up from your busy coma.

If you are working on creative things in a positive, ‘let’s make magic’ type of way then I’d love to speak to you (I’m in Australia so it may need to be virtual coffee)  or at least read your Now page.  I do not count pyramid selling as magic so if you’re thinking about writing to me about that shit, then don’t.

In terms of magic, my partner Stuart Dudine’s new wine venture, Alkimi, has continued in leaps and bounds and we welcome our new distributor for New South Wales, Australia, ‘Winestock’.  If you’d like to talk wine then I also invite you to drop me a line.  We are seeking to break into the US and UK.

My call out, my manifestation at the moment, is to connect with a publisher or literary agent to at least have a conversation about two pieces.  If you can help or direct me with this then I would be more than happy to pay it forward in whichever way I can.

Lastly, if you are not happy with your life then you really need to correct that.  Start by looking at your day and where you can find half an hour to indulge yourself in something that you exactly want to do.  Then build on it.