4th July 2017

Inspired by a concept by Derek Sivers, the Now page serves to share what I’m up to and where I’m going.

I’m back from a great holiday in Fiji, after first moving house to a lighter and brighter place with smashing, beautiful views of the mountains.

Fiji reconnected me with the ocean, nature and a sense of mindfulness.  Lots of swimming, snorkelling, drinking champagne and enjoying great food.

I recently registered a domain which will be the basis for my new line of journals and I am working on these currently.  If you know of a printer which specialises in hardcover bound books/journals, either in Australia or offshore then please let me know as I am self publishing.

My corporate work has slowed and I am actually grateful for the hiatus to re-calibrate some aspects of my life. It’s been such a long time since I had availability in my schedule.  It’s allowed me think through changing aspects of where and how I work. In the meantime I am working on my art, some projects around this with a co-collaborator, and trying to settle into a rhythm of writing (which is difficult because I am a binge writer…).

The pieces for SheBrisbane are still rolling out and you can read my stuff here.

Keeping with my want to help the next generation, I am doing some work with the University of Melbourne Masters of Marketing stream to develop and set the PR assignment for the semester, and I’ll get back in front of a class to make learning fun again.