21st November 2017

Inspired by a concept by Derek Sivers, the Now page serves to share what I’m up to and where I’m going.

Two stints in Fiji this year really cleared out the cobwebs and put some perspective around life.  Nothing like a vast blue ocean, fish and sunshine to shake things up a bit.

It’s been a very busy 2017 with a change of course within my career towards publishing through my new venture OtherlyGoods, which seeks to bring a little more magic into the world.  The first journal, The Wish Manifesto, is due to be released into market late November with others to follow over December 2017 and January 2018.  Watch this space.

I also commenced writing for SheBrisbane which has allowed me to flex my writing muscles in another way, talking about the things which make us laugh, afflict us and create change in our modern daily lives.

I am also about to finish a strategic consultancy role in December after about 18 months on a Melbourne-centric construction gig.  This will clear the decks to enable me to spend more time writing but I am also working on developing a series of PR masterclasses after being engaged by a sector of the Victorian Government to provide some stratgic and implementation know-how to their teams.

Our wine label, Alkimi, continues to do well with the range being well-reviewed by most of Australia’s best known names in wine.

So I’m like a duck at the moment; calm on the top of the water with legs peddling away underneath.  And it feels great.

Want to share something?  Drop me a line.