Quitting twitter? Avoiding your inbox? Taking a sickie from work just to get a moment’s peace?

You’re not alone.

Our consumption of information, from our obsession with social media to the 24 hour news cycle, often can leave us overwhelmed and swallowed up. This fast paced life is milking out our adrenaline at a rate of knots. Our adrenals are working overtime and most of us aren’t taking the time to recover. No wonder we feel stressed and edgy.

Add to this the requirement that we are ‘on call.’  Working for myself and being a single mother, with the children in my care every other weekend, I have had to make firm boundaries around my time.  It was getting to the stage were people thought they could access me at any time of the day or night.  Who was paying for that?  My kids mainly but also me.

Your body needs to rest as does your mind.  Don’t let your external environment derail your health or your well-being. Make steps to halt the process.

On my recent holiday, I couldn’t consume the amount of stuff that I was used to trawling through.  It did me good.  Coming home to it all, I find that I don’t want to watch the news, hang out on twitter or read magazines.  I want to go and see people, talk a walk or just sleep.  All without any guilt.  Mainly because I feel well.

Remember what holidays do for you? How they make you feel? Take one. Now. On your deathbed you’re not going to say you wished you had spent more time at work.

Become aware of what your body is doing and how it is reacting and make the small but effective changes to settle down your adrenaline addiction.

Some ideas:

  • limit your consumption of news and other media
  • look at limiting the amount of stimulants you put into your body – caffeine, sugar, nicotine and other stuff
  • get some air – take a walk, a run or hang out in the garden
  • hang with people who are calm and relaxed
  • make time for yourself – read, sleep, meditate, exercise
  • eat well – if it comes in a packet try and avoid it
  • check your inbox less and clear your schedule
  • have a clear weekend with no plans
Any ideas from you?