Libby Fordham - writer and communicator

Writer, thinker, creator –  Libby Fordham is interested in the things that make the world turn. She loves to explore the ironies of where so many of us find ourselves with our careers, our own development, our relationships and within the world we live.

Her natural flare for strategy blended with her love of making things simple is one of the reasons why people want to engage with her, to find alternative ways of doing and living in order to strip back unnecessary complexities.

Libby has worked as a freelance PR professional for over twenty years both in Australia and internationally. She has been engaged by Government, business, community and the not-for-profit sectors in areas of transport, infrastructure, sustainability, major events, health, policy delivery and lifestyle among other things. Libby’s experience has seen her work alongside Prime Ministers, Federal Ministers, famous oracles, community leaders and the people on the street, whose messages are often the most important.

Her approach is ethical, creative and inclusive and she is excited by progressive thinking that reflects the changing world.  Over the time, she has been a spokesperson, TV panellist, book reviewer, ghost writer and creator of ad copy. She was also once an advertising hand model, but that’s a story for another day.

Lately, she writes stuff, creates art, pursues social justice outcomes for communities, creates culinary magic and spends time in the company of life’s interesting characters. Mostly, she works with others to encourage change and bring the magic back into the mundane.

While she still consults on strategy and communication, her focus is on completion of her first book and her first art exhibition.